DOWNLOAD Yamaha Repair Manual Exciter LS2000 LX2000 XR1800

Yamaha Repair Manual Exciter LS2000 LX2000 XR1800 Online PDF

A downloadable Yamaha Exciter, LS2000, LX2000 XR1800 jet boat repair manual, also termed Yamaha watercraft service manual or shop manual, is a digitally delivered book of repair instructions. The digital book can be downloaded directly to your computer in seconds. It covers all aspects of maintenance, service and repair — from changing the spark plugs to complete engine overhaul.

Download Exciter, LS 2000 LX2000 XR1800 Free Repair Manual

The digitally transmitted books appear identical to a printed book you’d get from the Yamaha dealership or from a book store.  And they contain the same exact maintenance, service and repair information. Main chapters include (actual repair procedures will vary depending on year and model):

  • General Information
  • Specifications
  • Periodic Inspection and Adjustment
  • Fuel System
  • Engine
  • Jet Pump Unit
  • Electrical System
  • Hull and Deck
  • Troubleshooting
 Year Model Name  Marketing Name  Service Manual 
 1996 EXT1100U Exciter LIT-18616-01-53
 1997 EXT1100V Exciter LIT-18616-01-53
1998 EXS1200W Exciter Single LIT-18616-01-80
 1998 EXT1100W Exciter 220 LIT-18616-01-53
1998 EXT1200W Exciter Twin LIT-18616-01-90
1999 EXS1200X Exciter 135 LIT-18616-02-08
1999 EXT1200X Exciter 270 LIT-18616-02-07
1999 LST1200X LS2000 LIT-18616-02-06
2000 LST1200Y LS2000 LIT-18616-02-06


 2000 XRT1200Y XR1800 LIT-18616-02-25
2001 LST1200Z LS2000 LIT-18616-SB-01
2001 XRT1200Z XR1800 LIT-18616-02-25


2002 LST1200A LX2000 LIT-18616-SB-01
2002 LST1200AA LS2000 LIT-18616-SB-01
2003 LST1200AB LX 210 LIT-18616-SB-01
2003 LST1200B LS2000 LIT-18616-SB-01
2003 SLT1200BB LX210 Cranberry LIT-18616-SB-01
2004 LST1200AC LX210 LIT-18616-SB-01
2005 LST1200AD LX210 LIT-18616-SB-01

Digital manuals can be downloaded to a computer, tablet or smartphone. However, for best viewing experience, it’s recommended to download a repair manual to a tablet or computer. No special software is needed to download and view a manual. And once a manual has been downloaded, it can be saved to your device forever.

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