DOWNLOAD Polaris Jet-Ski Repair Manual 1992-2004

DOWNLOAD Polaris WaveRunner Repair Manual, Service Manual and Workshop Online Repair Guide

A downloadable Polaris jet-ski repair manual, also termed Polaris wave-runner service manual or Polaris personal watercraft online factory workshop manual, is a digitally transmitted book of repair instructions that gives detailed repair information on how to fix, mend or overhaul a jet-propelled recreational watercraft vehicle.

These downloadable Polaris handbooks were initially developed, published and distributed by the manufacturer so that privately owned repair shops and dealership technicians can fix their products. These same Polaris jet-ski manuals are now available for instant download to the public.

What’s in a Polaris jet-ski repair manual?

Polaris PWC repair manual, personal watercraft service manual, jet-ski workshop manual.

In short, everything! Polaris jet-ski repair manuals cover every aspect of  maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. Whether performing a routine tune-up or rebuilding the entire engine, a repair manual covers it all.

Every manual is model year specific. That means each manual was tailored for that exact machine. It contains easy-to-understand step-by-step repair procedures, and a wealth of diagrams, illustrations and pictures ensure the repair job you’re undertaking is completed successfully.

Here’s a list of main chapters and subchapters typically found in a Polaris WaveRunner repair manual (actual topics will vary depending on year and model):

General Information

  • Paint codes
  • Model identification
  • Model specifications
  • Standard torque specifications
  • Decimal equivalents
  • Conversion table
  • Tap drill charts
  • Glossary of terms
  • Service tips

Fuel System - Carburetor

  • Carburetor specifications
  • Carburetor exploded view
  • Carburetor jet part numbers
  • Vent and fuel delivery
  • Fuel tank and pickup
  • Air intake silencer
  • Water separator
  • Carburetor assembly
  • Oiling system exploded view
  • Oil tank removal
  • Oil pump assembly
  • Carburetor fuel hose connections
  • Carburetor system operation
  • Fuel pump operation
  • Fuel shut off valve
  • Carburetor adjustments
  • Carburetor tuning
  • Cable adjustments
  • Mixture screw adjustment
  • Fuel tank vent system
  • Fuel tank vent line routing
  • Fuel tank check valve testing
  • Fuel pump operation
  • Fuel pump maintenance
  • Reed valve
  • Reed cage and intake manifold
  • Reed valve assembly
  • Testing

Fuel System - Fuel Injection

  • Engine management specifications
  • Engine management system overview
  • Air inlet hose routing
  • Vent hose routing
  • Fuel tank assembly illustration
  • Fuel supply
  • Vent hose illustration
  • Fuel rail and injector illustration
  • Spark plug and ignition coil illustration
  • ECU mounting
  • ECU wiring harness connectors
  • ECU wiring illustrations
  • Engine management sensor circuit drawings
  • Engine management sensor circuit trouble codes
  • ECU connectors
  • ECU trouble codes
  • Electronic throttle body
  • PPU troubleshooting
  • Exhaust system illustration
  • Turbocharger and wastegate overview
  • Charge air cooler
  • Turbo troubleshooting
  • RPM limiting modes
  • Troubleshooting - engine will not turnover
  • Troubleshooting - engine cranks but won’t start
  • Troubleshooting - engine stall; will re-start
  • Troubleshooting - engine stall; won’t re-start
  • Troubleshooting - engine lacks performance
  • Troubleshooting - RPM limits
  • Troubleshooting - general


  • Specifications
  • Spark plugs
  • Alternator
  • CDI box
  • Ignition timing
  • Warning systems operation
  • Stator coil
  • Ignition component specifications
  • Ignition system exploded view
  • Battery charging system
  • Electrical box
  • Battery charging system testing
  • Switch testing
  • Battery testing
  • Battery maintenance
  • Starter motor
  • Temperature warming sensor test
  • Fuel gauge testing
  • RPM limiter troubleshooting
  • Oil level sensor troubleshooting
  • Quick trim maintenance
  • Ignition system testing
  • Fall effect sensor testing
  • Ignition timing adjustment
  • Multi-function display troubleshooting
  • Weatherproof connector servicing
  • Electronic module function
  • Bilge pump
  • Wiring diagrams


  • Periodic maintenance schedule
  • Recommended lubricants
  • Lubrication points
  • Electrical
  • Engine and exhaust system
  • Cable adjustments
  • Fuel system and storage
  • Air intake
  • Cooling system maintenance
  • Engine fogging
  • Cleaning
  • Bilge siphon system
  • Electric trim adjustment
  • Submerged engine
  • Pump and impeller
  • Hull and deck maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Engine And Cooling

  • Engine specifications
  • Engine exploded views
  • Torque chart
  • Torque patterns
  • Engine and mount assembly
  • Cylinder and manifold
  • Engine and mount assembly
  • Crankshaft and piston
  • Crankcase
  • Oil pump
  • Engine removal
  • Engine disassembly and inspection
  • Engine assembly and installation
  • Cylinder honing and port chamfering
  • Cooling system exploded view
  • Thermostat and coolant filter
  • Crankshaft indexing

Final Drive And Jet Pump

  • Torque specifications
  • Impeller part numbers
  • Driveshaft, coupler exploded view
  • Pump assembly exploded view
  • Pump assembly
  • Pump intake
  • Drive shaft inspection
  • Intake scoop and ride plate
  • Pump housing
  • Pump drive shaft alignment
  • Drive shaft lubrication
  • Coupler
  • Ventilation, cavitation diagnostics

Hull, Deck, Steering And Controls

  • Seat assembly exploded view
  • Steering assembly exploded view
  • Deck assembly exploded view
  • Front compartment assembly
  • Steering cover, steering post
  • Steering cable replacement
  • Steering cable adjustment
  • Speedometer operation and inspection
  • Dash and control panel
  • Decal replacement
  • Wire clip replacement
  • Hull repair
  • Sponson
  • Through-hull fitting


  • Lean condition
  • Poor performance
  • Rich fuel mixture
  • Piston damage
  • Engine overheating
  • Engine won’t start
  • Engine stalls
  • Engine idles rough
  • Electrical
  • Fuel system
  • Jet pump

Subsections in each manual cover complete part removal, disassembly, inspection, cleaning, assembly and reinstallation. Part testing procedures are also provided when applicable.

If you’re unsure to the cause of a problem or malfunction, refer to the troubleshooting guide. The troubleshooting section was developed to solve serious problems. It will help you track and correct faults in the Polaris’s mechanical or electrical system.


    • Yes the manual covers starter assembly. The manual you need covers 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 models. Here’s a list of models the manual covers:

      Polaris SLT700 
      Polaris SLX PRO 785 
      Polaris SL900 
      Polaris SLH 
      Polaris SLT780 
      Polaris SLT 
      Polaris SL650 STD 
      Polaris Hurricane 
      Polaris SLTH 
      Polaris SLTX 
      Polaris SL650 
      Polaris SL750 
      Polaris SL700 Deluxe 
      Polaris SL1050 
      Polaris SL780 
      Polaris SLXH 
      Polaris SLT750 
      Polaris SLTX
      Polaris SL700 
      Polaris SLX780 

    • Yes we have a manual that covers the following models:

      1999 Polaris Genesis
      1999 Polaris Genesis FICHT
      1999 Polaris X-45

      Here’s a complete list of other Polaris repair manuals available:

      1999 Polaris SLH 
      1999 Polaris SLTH 
      1999 Polaris SLX 
      1999 Polaris SLTX 
      1999 Polaris PRO 785 
      2000 Polaris Virage TX 
      2000 Polaris SLX 
      2000 Polaris Pro 1200 
      2000 Polaris Genesis 
      2000 Polaris Genesis FFI 
      2000 Polaris Virage 
      2000 Polaris SLH 
      2000 Polaris Pro 785 
      2001 Polaris SLH 
      2001 Polaris Virage 
      2001 Polaris SLX 
      2001 Polaris PRO 1200 
      2001 Polaris Virage TX 
      2001 Polaris Genesis 
      2001 Polaris Virage TXi 
      2001 Polaris Genesis i 
      2002 Polaris Virage i 
      2002 Polaris Virage TXi 
      2002 Polaris Genesis 
      2002 Polaris Genesis i 
      2003 Polaris Freedom 
      2003 Polaris Virage 
      2003 Polaris Virage i 
      2003 Polaris Genesis i
      2003 Polaris MSX 140 
      2004 Polaris MSX 110 
      2004 Polaris MSX 150 
      2004 Polaris Freedom 
      2004 Polaris Virage 
      2004 Polaris Virage i 
      2004 Polaris Genesis i 
      2004 Polaris MSX 140

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